Howdy all !!

This is the first time in Tonpei’s history of writing a blog in English.
Let me introduce myself. My name is Wijaya from Indonesia.

I have noticed that since Covid-19 Emergency has been lifted , there were so many foreigners have come to Japan. Because of that , i think that it will be better to write a blog in English.

For anyone who doesn’t know, Tonpei is a Okonomiyaki shop based in OSAKA.
We serve not only Okomiyaki , there is also Fried Noodles, Monjayaki , and of course OSAKA’s Speciality food Tonpeiyaki.

Tonpei have so many branch around OSAKA , but i’m based at Toyonaka AEONTOWN’s branch.

When you guys visit OSAKA, it will be pleasure if you guys come here

Since Tonpei’s blog is about what’s new or happening in Tonpei.
Please look forward to it^^


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